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Guiding Stars Celebrates 10 Years as North America’s Leading Nutrition Guidance Program


First-of-Its-Kind Initiative that Helps Shoppers Make Nutritious Choices Is More Relevant Today than Ever with Rising Obesity Rates Portland, Maine — March 31, 2016 — Guiding Stars is celebrating its 10th year as North America’s leading nutrition guidance program, a role that is now more important than ever before. With obesity rates and other chronic… Read more »

11 Healthy DIY Holiday Gifts

on Bless Their Hearts Mom

There is one thing I consistently avoid during the holiday season. I refuse to give candy, chocolate or gourmet desserts as a gift. Okay, maybe it is the “dietitian side” of me that just can’t go there (and let’s be honest, most people would be surprised if I did), but honestly during a season of indulging and decadent foods, do we really need gifts that encourage more of the same?

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