Fresh Asparagus Frittata

There’s no better veg to accompany the early eggs of spring than tender, young asparagus, which is just starting to become available now in the northeast. The dish you want: a simple frittata. If you’re restricting cholesterol, you can stick with the egg substitute as written in the recipe, but if you keep chickens, you can make this just as easily by swapping in six eggs.

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Kids in the Kitchen

Drawing Ms. Jessica and a student

Jessica Connell, aka Ms. Jessica, is the Hannaford RD for Exeter and Portsmouth. She recently shared with us about her Kids in the Kitchen program. The class is for kindergarteners and up and runs twice a month in Exeter and once a month in Portsmouth. Each month, about 30 kids attend with an adult. 

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How to Start Eating Seasonally

Vegan Caesar Salad

Eating with the seasons isn’t a new idea of course—it’s what humans have been doing since our hunter-gatherer days. With the arrival of modern supermarkets, the requirement to eat whatever was growing or available at the moment waned. Now we can eat fresh peas and raspberries year ‘round, and the terms “winter” squash or “summer” squash hold little seasonal meaning when it can be purchased in the opposing season, but that doesn’t mean that seasonal eating is a pointless exercise.

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Green Not-Eggs

Tofu Scramble with Greens

Baby spinach and peas are among the earliest treats that become available from the garden or at the farmer’s market. This delicious vegan breakfast dish lets you take full advantage of these, or really any tender spring vegetable, to enjoy those first garden gems of the year.

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UND Chopped 2018

UND 2018 Chopped Finalist Dishes

We’re pleased to once again support our partners at the University of North Dakota Dining Services with their annual student cooking competition, Chopped. The goal of the event is to encourage students to engage with nutritious, flavorful eating while bringing fresh ideas for nutritious meals into the dining options.

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