We All Scream for Blueberries

Blueberry Cocoa Smoothie

Blueberries are a fantastic fruit to include in your diet, and they are well-loved for their bright, sweet flavor that just tastes like summer. This smoothie combines them with cocoa powder and spinach for a delicious treat. If you’re serving it to a child or elderly person who struggles to get enough calories, add in a little no-sugar-added nut butter to make it a meal.

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First Bites

Creamy Hummus

We can likely recall early experiences with food, but not how we learned to eat. These early lessons and food connections, however, shape how we eat as adults, and in turn influence the way we communicate messages about food to others, including our own children. When we care for a growing infant, our personal experiences […]

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Salmon for the Whole Fam

Salmon and Black Bean Salad

Eating fish isn’t that easy for some of us, between cost and the fact that fish won’t keep long in the fridge, but it’s got health benefits for every population. Made with smoked salmon, which is more stable, and paired with high-fiber beans, this easy, nutritious, and downright tasty salad is a great option for everyone you need to feed.

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Oh, Fudge: Life Lessons From Mom’s Kitchen

Mother's Day Fruit Bouquet

With Mother’s Day upon us, there’s a good chance that you’ve been thinking about all that your mother (or grandmother or whomever has or had that role in your life) did for you. As my own mother will soon be celebrating her 95th birthday (and still lives on her own at our family home), I find myself ever grateful to still have her in my life…and to have those kind of good genes in my corner. I also count myself lucky to have learned a lot of things from her, including a few good life lessons that came to me by way of the kitchen. Making fudge, to be exact. Maybe you have a similar tale of life lessons acquired in the kitchen?

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Lemon, Piquante Snacking for Everyone

Piquante Pepper Snackers

These tiny stuffed peppers are a brilliant snack. High in nutrition and packed with greens, they also keep you full with the plant-based proteins, fiber, and heart-healthy fats in chickpeas and walnuts. They’re small enough to make portion control easy, and flavorful enough to tempt failing appetites: a great snack for a wide variety of nutrition and health goals.

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Mental Health & Nutrition

5-Minute Multigrain Cereal

When we start our day on a road to wellness by choosing healthy foods, exercising and engaging in other helpful behaviors we tend to maintain an imaginary “health halo” for the day. On these days, it’s our approach to wellness that has a positive impact on our mental state and encourages us to remain on our positive path to better living.

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Garden for Your Body

Strawberry Mint Spritzer

In 1987, the National Garden Association began the tradition of honoring the horticultural world with an April week devoted to highlighting the benefits of gardening. In 2003, one week became four, and today April is National Garden Month. Throughout this early spring month, the National Garden Association shares tips and resources for growing a variety of plants.

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