How to Cook Some Real Food in Your Dorm Room

Lots of colleges and universities have healthy food these days, but sometimes you just want to make something in your own room (maybe in your jammies even). And that’s ok! A tube of cinnamon rolls baked in a toaster oven is tasty, as is ramen from the hot pot at midnight, but they’re hardly “real food.” If you want to cook in your dorm room more than just once in a while, it’s a good idea to learn to cook something that is actually nourishing. Here are a few suggestions to help you take your dorm cooking game up a notch…

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Finding Free Outdoor Fitness Fun


End-of-summer exercise means different things to different people, of course. For me, the basics are covered in my gym, but I do like to milk the last few days of summer freedom with time spent outside. Outdoor fitness in your town might not look like it does in my area. But no matter where you live, I bet you can find some fun things to do that let you enjoy August’s precious days while also providing good exercise.

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Hello, Pita

Mediterranean Chicken Pita

Little pita pockets are the perfect bread for school sandwiches. They’re easy for small hands to handle, and allow a great bread-to-stuffing recipe so you know your little muncher is getting plenty of veggies and protein with every bite of bread. This easy salad is packed with flavor and sure to please.

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Nutritious Meals for the Very Busy

Slow Cooker Carnitas

It’s easy for nutrition to go out the window when life gets busy. With a schedule that’s packed with commitments, which seem to have you running from the moment you wake, it’s hard (seemingly impossible) to also get into the kitchen to prepare a balanced, nourishing meal. Turn this trend around with a bit of strategizing and a lot of making nutritious meal planning an important part of your all-too-busy life

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Put a Spin on Lunch

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Pinwheels

If you’re always on the hunt for ideas to make lunch easier and more appealing for your smaller family members when they’re required to eat quickly at school or camp, this is a perfect way to pack a wrap! Not only are these wraps beautiful, serving them in slices makes it easy to dial in the portion that’s best for each kid.

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Public Parks and Trails Rock

Garrick Brown at Zion National Park

We know that good nutrition and regular physical activity are essential to health. Yet, other factors, like the environment we live and work in, also determine the health of our communities. Think of your community: where can residents safely enjoy physical activity? You likely thought of a public park, trails, or a recreation facility. July happens to be Park and Recreation Month and its purpose is to promote and recognize local parks and rec efforts. Let’s take this opportunity to discuss how public parks and trails improve our communities and promote good health for all.

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Quinoa Granola

Summer is the perfect time to stuff your bag with water and portable snacks to keep you fueled while you hike, bike, and boat to expand your horizons and stretch your body’s abilities. Finding snacks that are full of fiber and protein and low on added sugar can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites for nutritiously fueling your most active adventures.

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