Move for Your Heart

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We know that exercise is important. The far-reaching benefits include helping to maintain an ideal body weight, reducing stress, preventing injury, boosting bone health and, of course, keeping our heart (our most important muscle) strong and healthy. It’s this last benefit that most of us assume we are experiencing, but are we? Do we really know how to move for our heart?

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Easy Three Star Meals


Finding nutritious foods in the grocery store is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Guiding Stars, but cooking those ingredients can sometimes be challenging. These recipes are designed to be easy to make while offering the highest nutrition. Our test kitchen especially recommends the mujaddara–this dish was new to them and for simplicity and flavor, it can’t be beat.

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Find and Be a Healthy-Living Partner

Coconut Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

The year is still young, which means those healthy-living resolutions might still be in play—and if so, good for you! In fact, maybe your significant other, roommate, spouse or best friend is also in pursuit of a health goal this year. We’ve written about how to start making a change to your lifestyle and ways to stick to your healthy routine before, but as I reread that post I realized that I did not include finding a health “buddy.” It’s not crucial, but it helps. Going it alone can be a drag.

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4 Things that Keep You From Fostering Healthier Habits

Succotash Salad

I get it, you have big goals. You want to change your diet, change your activity level, and change your weight. You also want to change as fast as possible. It’s easy to fall into a trap of reading every article you come across, bookmarking a series of websites, and taking the “advice” of everyone in your newsfeed. Before long, your brain is full of ideas of what to change, but do you know how to foster real change and avoid common pitfalls that limit success?

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Why Your Crash Diet Is a Crash-and-Burn Setup

Beet, Orange and Apple Salad

If you’re determined to drop some weight RIGHT NOW then you might be thinking that a crash diet is your best bet. Although there is no medical definition of a “crash” diet, most folks equate them with rapid weight loss due to extreme caloric restriction. Sometimes rapid weight loss diets are physician supervised and tightly controlled and undertaken for health reasons that require quick weight loss progress. More often though, extreme diets are a go-it-alone process, and that’s when things can go off track and head into dangerous territory; here are a few reasons why…

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