One Protein, Many Meals

Mediterranean Chicken Bake

The Food Marketing Institute promotes September as Family Meals Month and uses it to remind us of the importance of gathering family around the table to connect, chat and enjoy a nutritious meal. But, let’s be honest, September is also all about busy evenings, trying to grasp a new, demanding school schedule, and realizing that you only thought you were done back-to-school shopping. So how can we manage all that and still get dinner on the table every night? It starts with choosing a protein that will carry you through for a few meals. It ends with you not cooking every day.

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Boxed Lunch

Edamame Salad Wrap

Don’t get stuck thinking inside the lunchbox! Sandwiches and salads are great, but they’re not always the best solution for getting young, easily distracted lunchers eating an energizing meal. Use these idea to mix up the midday meal routine to deliver well-balanced meals that kids will devour.

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Graduating to More Food Choice

Quinoa Granola

A vegetarian middle schooler? An adolescent who only wants to eat “natural foods.” Neither is rare. Both can be frustrating for caregivers who want to be supportive, but see their adolescent’s food choices as limiting, inconvenient, or sometimes unnecessary. While a young person’s desire to control their diet may seem out “of the blue,” it’s quite common and not always a bad thing. Done correctly, a shift in food preference gives an adolescent an opportunity to consume a balanced diet, understand where their food comes from, and possibly learn a bit about the food industry. There may even be a chance that the rest of the household can learn from their young family member.

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Slaw, Yeah

Colorful Veggie Slaw

This slaw is colorful and delicious, and with the inclusion of sunflower seeds and cheese, it’s the perfect dish to include in a kid’s lunchbox to know they’re getting a nice collection of nutrients to see them through the day. Serve with their favorite whole grain crackers–it’s fun, tasty, and kid-friendly-weird spooned up on crackers.

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Dorm Room Snack Hacks

Herbed Popcorn

In most minds, dorm room dining does not evoke Instagram-worthy images of nutritious foods. Students typically do not have access to a kitchen and can feel resigned to warming up easy mac or ramen noodles in a microwave or splurging on a fast food delivery order. Yet, with some ingenuity, it’s possible to eat healthy and on a budget from a dorm room. Here are a few simple strategies and recipes from Guiding Stars to help college students eat healthy dorm room meals and snacks without spending all their cash.

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