Orange Treats

Tasty Sweet Tots

Kids love colorful snack food. For many families, special food is an easy and affordable way to make Halloween a little extra special. If you can’t trick or treat, you can still enjoy treats. Candy takes center stage during Halloween, which means we may want to make sure the other fun foods bring nutrition to the table. All things in balance, as it goes.

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Herb Rubbed Roast Beef with Orange Salsa

We’ve talked about squash and roots this month. Both categories offer a wide variety of naturally orange foods and the nutritional benefits that come with them. The food with shares its very name with the color is less associated with fall, but oranges begin their season in fall. Orange juice is the most ubiquitous use of the fruit, and it does have merits as a natural sugar. The fruit can also star, however, in a wide variety of dishes from sweet to savory.

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Orange Roots

Apple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Orange root vegetables aren’t quite as emblematic of fall as are the various squashes we discussed last week, but they’re an important part of the team. If you want orange in your diet, sweet potatoes and carrots in particular are popular for good reason. They’re delicious. They’re also remarkably flexible in the kitchen.

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Orange Squash

Squash & Leek Lasagna

Pumpkin pie is one way to eat pumpkin. I guess. Between you, me, and the internet, however, I don’t get it. If I’m going to indulge in a sweet treat, pumpkin pie is pretty low on my list of choices. And frankly, there are SO MANY DELICIOUS THINGS you can do with pumpkin or squash puree. Let’s play.

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Eating Orange

Brown Butter Pumpkin Soup

October is all about the color orange. It’s everywhere: including food. Guiding Stars debits foods that use artificial colors, but that doesn’t mean orange food is out. Looking at fruits and vegetables alone, there’s a panoply of orange to be munched. During the month of October, Kitchen Smarts will be exploring in-depth a few categories of delicious and nutritious orange foods.

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Stellar Main Dishes for Nextovers

Beet Candy

To my mind, the prime directive of nextover cooking is this: save yourself time and hassle in the kitchen. To accomplish this, you’re probably going to need to cook something in enough bulk to last you family for three meals. The second directive is: don’t be bored at dinnertime. To meet that goal, you need to choose an ingredient that plays well with others, or better yet, can be a master of disguise.

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