One Casserole Dish

Turkey & Bean Enchiladas

More than a few of us have some not-so-fond food memories from our childhood of overcooked noodles in congealed soup, but casseroles are a classic way to make a family dish in a single pan…sort of. I cheated on this one. In point of fact, a lot of casseroles require you to precook ingredients and can be on the fussy side. The beautiful thing about them, though, is that you can make them in advance so you only have to slide that night’s dish into the oven when you come home. For meal preppers, mastering the casserole is a must.

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One Family, One Pan

Decadent Turkey Chili

September is Family Meals Month, the celebration of sitting down to eat with our (literally) nearest and (more or less) dearest. No one with more than one person in a household is a stranger to the challenge of coordinating schedules and making time to break bread together. This month in Kitchen Smarts, we’ll look at some of the techniques for producing a big family meal from a single pan.

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No Hungry Little Lunchers

Pumped-up Pumpkin Bread

School lunch can be one of the earlier places where kids start to notice that some kids have more and some have less. One in six kids in the U.S. lives with hunger. If your family is doing well enough to have a little extra flexibility, talking with your kids about ways they can help their classmates get a decent lunch could be a wonderful learning opportunity. Here are a few ideas.

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Little Lunch Preppers

Lemony Lentil Salad with Feta

Packing lunch every day can become a grind for parents, especially when half of it ends up in the trash because kids didn’t want to eat it. Empowering kids to help pack their own lunches can help take some of the pressure off parents and give kids more investment in their chosen lunch for the day. Here are a few tips for letting even the littlest ones in the family pack their lunch.

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Lunch for Little Fingers

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Pinwheels

School is right around the corner, and with it, the challenge of keeping lunch nutritious and appealling to your young eaters. School lunches can leave a lot of the less exciting fruits and veggies uneaten and heading for the compost bin. This month, we’ll revisit our favorite tips for making sure your kids are getting solid nutrition, even when you’re not with them to encourage nutritious choices.

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Vegan Treats

Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream

To be honest, finding treats when you’re vegan is easier than you might imagine. Technically, Oreos are vegan. If your objective in choosing a more plant-forward diet, however, is in part to eat more produce and fewer processed foods, those technically vegan snack foods don’t need to be your first choice for satisfying your sweet tooth. Let’s look at a few tips for bringing the qualities of a lovely treat into a vegan dessert.

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