Fun & Food at FNCE 2019

Kitty Broihier tastes sauerkraut.

We recently attended the 2019 annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Known as FNCE, this year’s conference was held in Philly and once again included an extensive expo floor, complete with many food industry companies. There continues to be a trend toward plant-based products, lower-sugar foods, and products made with fewer ingredients to provide consumers with the simplicity their looking for in their foods. As always, we enjoyed trying new foods and having fun on the expo floor.

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Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips For National Nutrition Month

Orange Smoothie

March is National Nutrition Month—a time to refocus our attention and energies on good eating habits, regular exercise and the myriad ways that food and nutrition impact our health and overall wellbeing. Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the world’s largest organization of nutrition professionals), National Nutrition Month (NNM) has taken place every March since 1980. Around the U.S. you may see more nutrition coverage in the media and notice NNM activities taking place at your workplace, local hospitals, schools, or grocery stores.

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Foods from FNCE 2018

Kit at FNCE 2018

We just went to the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. As always, it’s a great time to discover new food products that are coming to stores. We have a number of fun and exciting food trends to report on later this month, so keep and eye out for our post and webinar on food trends for the year ahead! For now, we’ve got a couple of quick reviews for two of the products we tried, Snow Monkey Frozen Superfood Blend (Acai), which earns 2 Guiding Stars and Mooala Bananamilk. The banana milk does not currently earn stars, but they’re working on adding more calcium to the product, so check back in on the rating in January or February.

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