Surprising Stars

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

Do you ever look at a Guiding Stars recipes and wonder how something that sounds decadent could earn three stars? Or how a salad might only earn one? Guiding Stars looks a nutrient density, specifically, how much nutrition is in a 100-calorie portion, to help you recognize, for example, when you’ve got a good balance of whole grains and veggies with the sauce that dresses them.

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Game Day Wraps

Chipotle Pork Wrap

Wraps are a fantastic option for feeding a crowd of friends who have gathered to watch a game together. Make them ahead and slice into pieces for snacks, or put out a wrap bar to let guests customize their own sandwich. Look for whole-grain wraps and offer spreads like hummus and guacamole with lean protein and fresh veggies for a nutritious offering.

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Cherry Holidays

Cherry Cobbler

A dessert with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners does not need to be a disappointing compromise on the holiday table, and this dish is all the proof you’ll need. During the winter holidays, fresh cherries aren’t available, so look for frozen. They’ll work just as well. Topped with whole grains and sweetened with fiber-rich dates, this dessert will be safer for diabetic guests, more nutritious for everyone, and loved by all.

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Red & Green Delight

Mediterranean Roasted Broccoli & Tomatoes

The varying color of vegetables provides wonderful opportunities to echo the colors of the season on your table to add festive cheer and great nutrition in a single dish. If red and green aren’t your decor colors for the holiday season, consider using the flavorful elements of this dish with veggies that are. Cauliflower could bring in white, and purple potatoes a hint of blue. More veggies on the table, no matter the color, means healthier holidays for all.

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