Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Garlic White Bean Dip

On a normal day, managing diabetes requires constant attention to blood sugar levels and thoughtful choices in your diet. During the holidays, things get even more complicated for diabetics. Parties, travel, and a never-ending barrage of sugary treats can disrupt their routine and create a real health challenge. I’ve compiled some tips from the CDC and the American Diabetes Association to help people with diabetes enjoy a healthy holiday season.

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Feeding a Crowd on a Dime

Stuffed Mexican Sweet Potatoes

There are a lot of meal gatherings this time of year. Hosting friends and family for a holiday or celebratory meal can be a lot of fun, but it can also induce stress for the host. On top of all the planning, cleaning, shopping, and cooking involved, there may be a financial burden. Feeding a crowd of people can get expensive quickly no matter what your budget is. The task of host does not need to be so difficult or costly. I’ve compiled some tips below for hosting a nutritious meal for your guests without spending too much money.

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Garrick’s 2018 Thanksgiving Pick

Southern Corn Bread

The last thing you want to do as a guest is show up and take up valuable counter and oven space to prepare your dish. We’re planning to bring Southern Cornbread in a cast iron skillet to this year’s meal. I will bake the recipe ahead and cover the skillet with some aluminum foil to transport it in the car. When we arrive, I will heat it up on the stovetop to serve it warm.

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Flu Season: Caregiver’s Survival Guide

Two-Lentil Soup

No one wants to cook when they have weak muscles, a headache, a stuffy nose or feel sick to their stomach. Complicated recipes with too many steps can ratchet up the misery for parents and caregivers. I’ve pulled together some simple and nutritious dinner options for when you’re feeling ill, but still need to prepare a meal. Avoid overspending on less nutritious options and nourish yourself and your family with these manageable meals.

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Clean, Separate, Cook & Chill

Enchilada Casserole

Although anyone can get food poisoning, some people are more at risk. Those groups include pregnant women, young children, older adults and people with immune systems weakened from medical conditions (e.g., diabetics, cancer patients). It’s especially important for these groups and their caregivers to follow safe food handling practices. Here are 4 basic food safety principles from the CDC that we should all follow to reduce the risk of food poisoning:

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