We’ve teamed up with top-selling shopping assistant application, Shopper, to improve your access to Guiding Stars on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Shopper’s customizability, coupled with its ease of use and price, make it an app you don’t want to leave off your list.” – MacWorld, February 2009

Shopper allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to conveniently access the Guiding Stars rating system from anywhere. Some of the application’s features include:

  • Browse and compare Guiding Stars rated food items.
  • Add Guiding Stars rated items to your shopping lists.
  • Create multiple lists for specific stores, situations or recipes.
  • Easily organize lists to match the aisle order or layout of your grocery stores.
  • Better understand nutritional choices by tracking and comparing the types of food you buy.
  • Share your lists easily with others.
  • Scan UPCs to find out the Guiding Stars rating for specific foods.

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