Where to find

Guiding Stars can be found in supermarkets, on your iPhone, in food service settings in corporate cafeterias, college dining halls, school cafeterias, hospitals and as part of innovative health and wellness programs.

Look for the Guiding Stars pointing you to foods that have the most nutritional value for you and your family.

In grocery stores featuring the program, you can find Guiding Stars throughout the store– in produce, on packaged food, seafood, dairy, the meat counter, and the bakery. You will also find Guiding Stars on shelf unit price tags for foods earning stars, and private label brand packaging. If you don’t see a Guiding Stars rating, it means one of two things. Either a food didn’t meet the rigorous nutrition criteria to earn a star or the category is not rated by Guiding Stars, such as alcoholic beverages and products that contain less than five calories per serving like bottled water, dried spices, teas and coffees.

Guiding Stars also helps students choose more nutritious meals in public school cafeterias and college dining halls. And with hundreds of Guiding Stars recipes, you could even cook a star-worthy dinner at your place tonight.

Shopper allows iPhone users to conveniently access the Guiding Stars rating system from anywhere. Available on the iPhone App Store for 99¢.