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Talking Tomatoes

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Guiding Stars Expert Chef, Erin Dow, and Scientific Advisor, Lori Kaley, discuss the health benefits of tomatoes and how you can enjoy those benefits in healthier meals than pizza. They discuss three different meals that can be made using Erin’s Roasted Tomato Sauce.

Filling Up on Less

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Allison Stowell

Like it or not, most of us actually need fewer calories than we think we need. This has nothing to do with our appetite or how much we want to eat. Lately, I have been using the daily meal plan tool available at to help people understand their daily requirements. From how much to offer children to the true needs for most adults, individuals are generally surprised. If you have never looked into the recommended daily caloric intake for you or your family, I highly suggest doing so. Like any budget, not following your daily caloric budget can result in overdoing it (like “over drafting” your daily food account).

Filling Up on Less

Meet Kit Broihier, Scientific Advisor

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Kitty Broihier

We’ve all been sad to say farewell to Lori Kaley as she moves on to Washington D.C., but we’re delighted to welcome Kit Broihier as the new voice of the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel for our blog. We asked Kit a few “getting to know you questions” and we think you’ll be as delighted with her as we are.

Growing Green

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Thomas Sheehan

Finally, the whole country is going green.
Organic, natural, beautiful, and tasty green.
What better way to go green than to grow green?

Greens that is. Collards, kale, turnips greens, mustard greens, you name it. Swiss Chard, spinach, all yummy. These vegetables not only represent a wealth of health, but are also very easy to grow and prepare for meals.

Growing Green

BLT Pasta Salad

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Erin Dow

As I started preparing the Powerpoint slides for a school nutrition webinar that Guiding Stars registered dietitian, Allison Stowell, and I recently presented, I started looking through my photo and recipe archives for the most successful recipes from my work with school lunch programs. I came upon my recipe for BLT Salad, a dish that has proven to be a real winner among the children we’ve served it to.

BLT Pasta Salad

Summer Barbecue

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Allison Stowell

Guiding Stars Consulting Dietitian, Allison Stowell, talks about how to keep your barbecue healthy this summer. The trick is to remember that potatoes, breads and pasta salads are all starches, so try to balance them with enough fruits, vegetables and protein.

Our School Nutrition Webinar Team

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Betts FitzGerald

Here at Guiding Stars, we have a lot of passion around healthy food and helping people make more nutritious choices. It is what we do. The messaging of healthy, good-for-you food to others is a team effort and we spend a lot of time focusing on getting the word out.

Our School Nutrition Webinar Team