Partner Spotlight

Maine General

Maine General LogoMaine General is committed to helping their staff, patients and visitors make healthier food choices by providing tools and resources like Guiding Stars that help take the guesswork out of choosing nutritious foods. Maine General launched Guiding Stars in June 2011 in all three of their cafeterias and soon expanded  the program to their vending machines. Guiding Stars is an instrumental component of Maine General’s health and wellness program that brings them closer and closer to fulfilling and executing their goals.

Here’s what Maine General café patrons have to say. (Maine General, Café Survey, July 2011)

“Great job. Excellent new menu. Excellent Guiding Stars entrees.”

“Love the new Guiding Stars.”

“Glad to see new choices, it’s a move forward!”

“Thank you for letting the people who want to eat well have some options besides a salad bar.”

“Thank you for seeing to it that as a health care organization, we’re taking positive steps toward helping our employees and visitors be healthier, while keeping health care costs down for all.”

Maine General continues to look for opportunities to expand the Guiding Stars Program, whether through additional rated recipes, starred products or an increase in vending machine options with stars. Phase two will include and expansion into patient room-service menus.