Recipes: Entrees

Turkey-Stuffed Peppers

If it’s the wrong time of year to take advantage of turkey leftovers, you can use a roasted turkey breast or lean ground turkey. This recipe is meant to be flexible—mix up your lean meats, whole grains, greens and even the color of your peppers to find a combination that pleases your palate the most.

Thanksgiving Chili

Looking for a healthier way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers? This easy chili uses leftover turkey and that extra can of pumpkin you bought “just in case” to make a simple white bean chili that will warm your family when they come back in from playing in the not-quite-winter chill.

Citrus Tilapia

Serve this flavorful fish with an ample side of steamed veggies and brown rice for a wholesome, easy weeknight meal to bring your family together.

Grilled Peach Chicken

Sweet peaches make a wonderful partner for spicy garlic to change up your chicken routine, for the better. Serve this with sweet potatoes and your favorite green veggies.

Grilled Peach Chicken

Beet Burgers

Love burgers and looking for something unique to try out? With protein from the black beans, the rich nutritional profile of beets and a delicate balance of herbs and spices, these vegan burgers will be a new favorite.

Basil Pasta

Fresh pasta is a wonderful treat, and much easier than you’d think. Turn this dough into your favorite form of pasta and serve with your favorite low-sodium marinara sauce.

Kale Pesto Pasta

Pesto made with kale adds another delicious option for consuming this tasty green. It’s no mistake that this recipes calls for no salt—the flavor of the cheese give you all the salt you’ll want.

Kale Pesto Pasta