Recipes: Entrees

Simple Seitan

Seitan, sometimes known as “mock duck” or “wheat meat” is a high-protein vegan dish that resembles meat in texture. You can use seitan as you would chicken or tofu and the flavors can be easily adjusted with herbs or spices to suit any dish you enjoy.


This variation on a classic dish from the Middle East uses caramelized onion in place of deep-fried onions for a healthier version that loses none of the flavor.

Butter Beans with Lemon-Garlic Collards

If collards aren’t available, try the freshest available dark greens. For a tender and amazingly flavorful variation, try using mixed baby greens. Lima beans make a decent substitution for the butter beans if you can’t find butter beans at your local grocer.

Chickpea Patties

If you’re looking for vegan comfort food, look no further. These fried patties, cooked in a small amount of canola oil, will make you glad you cooked at home instead of going out for fast food.

Eggplant Dogs

Japanese eggplants are characterized by their long, thin proportions. Spiced properly, they can be enjoyed like Italian sausage. Top with grilled peppers and onions on whole-grain rolls for a fun and delicious vegetarian cookout option.